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Therapy Dog

Hello! My name is Coco and I’m two years old now, and currently in training to become a therapy dog!

What is a Therapy Dog?

To become a therapy dog, I need to start off with basic obedience training, which Dr. Cathryn Leff, LMFT of Soaring High Counseling is providing for me. I will learn good manners such as no jumping, pawing, licking or dog aggression (It’s so hard! I love to jump and kiss everyone!!).

I’m also learning how to socialize with people and dogs. My goal is to help you heal from anxiety, depression or an illness. I want to be there for you because it’s in my nature to love, heal, and sense your pain. I want to comfort you 🐶

Why a Therapy Dog?

Research has shown that therapy dogs improve outcomes for those suffering from pain, isolation or illness. I can visit you in a hospital, senior living facility, hospice, school, or in a therapy session with Cathryn…I’ll be there for you…to comfort you, and make you smile 🙂

Once I’m fully trained, I will be available to visit you in your time of need.

However, if you are grieving now and in need of assistance of a therapy dog, and want to help me with my training, Dr. Cathryn will offer you a 20% discount off every therapy session. The only requirement is that I get to sit on your lap for at least 15 minutes of the session. Thank you in advance for helping me help you 🐶