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Anger Management (Adults & Teens)

Anger is a normal emotion to the everyday frustrations we may experience in the world. It’s natural to become angry when we have a goal and it is blocked in some way. Anger isn’t just one emotion, but a family of emotions that are related to each other both in our brains and in our behavior. People often give a variety of names to their angry feelings, which range from mild irritation to rage.

Anger can often be positive in that it is recognition that we have been hurt or threatened. It is a warning signal and a clear indication that something is wrong. This may be a signal to make a clear decision to protect yourself.

But anger can become a problem…if the “cost” is greater than the benefit you get from it!

Here are some of the costs you may be experiencing:

  • Cost to your health
  • Your self-esteem
  • Your relationships
  • Your children
  • The workplace

I can teach you 8 core anger management skills to help you in just 8 weeks…

I will teach you how to:

1. Recognize stress

2. Develop empathy

3. Respond instead of reacting

4. Change that conversation you are having with yourself

5. Communicate assertively, rather than aggressively

6. Adjust your expectations

7. Forgive, but don’t forget

8. Retreat and think things over

So if you are ready to begin learning these skills, call me today to schedule your first appointment.

*Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century