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Self-harm (teens)

Are you worried about your middle schooler? Has cyber bullying become unbearable for your teen? Is your middler schooler or teenager having angry outbursts and harming him or herself in ways that are alarming to you?

While the prescence of these self-harming behaviors are alarming, you should know this is a cry for help.

Teens and middle schoolers who engage in self-harming behaviors do so to distract or relieve themselves of difficult feelings, or to communicate emotions they are unable to speak. Once your teen learns to express themselves in other ways, verbally or in writing, the impulse subsides. Family therapy can help to support and encourage the expression of your teen’s feelings. The troublesome feelings may not go away, but the coping mechanism becomes a healthy one.

To help your teen or middle schooler, I utilize a student workbook to help them work through their pain and difficult feelings. Weekly assignments will keep your teen engaged in their recovery as they learn new coping skills, and how to engage with others with healthy responses.

Please call me to discuss your teen’s particular situation before scheduling your first appointment. One parent will need to attend the first session. The second-half of the session will allow your teen to speak with me privately. If your teen is comfortable, and we both feel it’s a good fit, we will then proceed with therapy.

For more information and resources on self-harming behaviors, please visit this site.